Q&A with Barna Hajzer, Director of Engineering

Q&A with Barna Hajzer, Director of Engineering

Hearsay is excited to introduce Barna Hajzer, our new Director of Engineering in Budapest! A tenured developer, Barna is a master collaborator. He’s led remote teams at diverse companies across a variety of industries and, in doing so, has cultivated deep expertise in product development and delivery.

Barna has been heading software engineering organizations since 2015, first in investment banking and then in utility industries. Before joining Hearsay, he served as a Senior Manager of Product Development at Itron, where he managed multiple remote engineering teams through the complete delivery lifecycle. 

Across all his roles, Barna’s focus has always been on delivering significant value, both as a leader and a developer. In his own words, here’s what he’s bringing to the table at Hearsay. 

Q: How did you get into engineering, and why are you passionate about your work?

Thinking back, I realize that I’ve always been an engineer at heart. I’ve always been amazed by how things work. I love to explore ways to make things better or repurpose them. This desire goes all the way back to my childhood. Ever since I discovered Legos, I’ve been on a mission to understand, deconstruct, rebuild, and experiment with the way things operate. As an engineer, I get to do that at an abstract level. I’m genuinely amazed by the complexity and possibilities of engineering.

How do you tap into the potential of your team and apply your collective knowledge to deliver impactful products?

Sometimes companies sit on a buried treasure. You may have all the resources you need right in front of you but don’t know how to leverage them. By playing detective and exploring these possibilities, I can help discover things that become a competitive advantage for the company.

I’m also constantly learning. I’m keen on broadening my knowledge and view so I can uncover things others miss. There are always things we can do to improve our products, and I want to motivate my teams to look for those opportunities.

What drew you to Hearsay?

I had a list of ideal things I was looking for in a company, and Hearsay checked all the boxes. The company encourages innovation and operates in a highly collaborative, dynamic way. The teams I work with are made up of lots of intelligent people, and there’s a big focus on openness, transparency, and inclusivity. Also, people are valued based on their ability to get the right stuff done, meaning we’re all focused on actively pursuing results,  and I really like that approach.

What are you most excited about?

I’m excited about creating a self-sufficient, adaptive engineering organization that efficiently and consistently delivers innovative solutions.

What’s the culture of the engineering team in the Budapest office? 

I’m thrilled to have a team of smart, knowledgeable, enthusiastic engineers who want to make a difference. I look forward to continuing to build my team with like-minded individuals. And not just that but having fun together, and enjoying each other's company is a huge plus.

What do you like to do in your downtime?

A few of my favorite things are spending time with friends and family, and being active. I love running, biking, swimming,  and going to the gym. I also enjoy indulging in great food. 

Huge thanks to Barna for sharing more about himself and his new role at Hearsay. If you’re interested in exploring career opportunities at Hearsay, check out our Careers page for information on current openings.

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