Beyond COVID – transforming client engagement and social selling

Guide the right behaviors to grow authentic client relationships
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Crises like COVID-19 accelerate the need for human touch at digital scale. While the crisis is temporary, the changes to behaviour and digital acceleration we’re experiencing as a result – more remote work, an expansion of digital communications, upgrades in digital processes and tools – are not. So how do you guide the right behaviours to grow client relationships beyond the current crisis?

Watch our panel of leading digital and social experts as we explore how financial services firms can:

  • Inject authenticity into their social programmes while optimising for speed and reach
  • Learn how to leverage LinkedIn for remote lead gen/prospecting and nurturing existing relationships in the New Normal
  • Help guide advisors to combat clients’ feelings of uncertainty by providing consistency and supporting them digitally
  • Glean insights from recent client engagement data trends to inform overall digital, content and business strategies

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