Mobile security – protect against mobile attacks in the field

Safeguard mobile apps in the field while giving advisors the flexibility they need
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In today’s multi-device mobile landscape it is more difficult than ever to find the right balance between delivering enterprise apps securely and giving advisors the flexibility they need to get their job done compliantly. But safeguarding mobile apps in the field with corporate oversight and governance is a necessity in the face of ever-evolving mobile attack tactics. And in an era where customers and advisors/agents expect consumer-like tech experiences, doing it in a way that doesn’t disempower its users or add additional layers of complexity is essential.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Mobile app threat landscape and FINRA’s current cybersecurity recommendations
  • How mobile apps can protect themselves against these attacks
  • Configuring and deploying mobile apps to the field for BYOD
  • Impact of mobile threats on the bottom line
  • Smishing and protecting your advisors from it

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