Social selling year in review

Explore trends in social media usage from Putnam’s 2020 Social Advisor Survey and Hearsay data
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COVID-19 brought many questions - among them, could advisors maintain proper engagement with clients while moving to a virtual model? The Putnam Investments Social Advisor Survey 2020 showed that advisors were adept at managing their practices throughout 2020 by finding additional ways of engaging their clients, including greater use of social media. These aren’t stopgap measures - 84% of respondents expect that the changes made to their communications methods will largely be kept intact moving forward.

Watch this recorded webinar from Hearsay and Putnam, as we dive into the survey results and explore trends in social media usage from both the survey and Hearsay customer usage data. We’ll reveal:

  • Trends in advisor usage such as publishing behaviors, response times, and engagement rates
  • How advisors have changed social media usage during the pandemic
  • The types of support that home offices are providing to make advisors successful with social channels

We’ll share the learnings uncovered through the data and discuss the implications for sales and marketing leaders trying to support their advisors’ success in the field.


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