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In an increasingly on-demand and digital world, financial services consumers expect fast, authentic, and modern ways to connect. Text has become a channel of choice, but enabling your field with a preferred channel is not enough. Firms have the data and insight to trigger meaningful connections at the moments that matter most, but struggle to activate those triggers into 1:1 engagement.

That’s why Hearsay Actions exists—to orchestrate relevant, authentic 1:1 messages on behalf of your advisors and agents based on specific triggers such as lead follow up, annual review, life events, and billing events.

“The Hearsay team worked very closely with us to devise workflows that address our specific objectives. We continue to explore ways to drive policy acquisition and servicing workflows for our agents to be more impactful with customers long term.”
Cesar Pizon
VP Of Sales Strategy & Support, American Family Insurance
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Orchestrate an immediate, authentic, and compliant response

The Actions engine ingests source data such as new leads or lifecycle events into Hearsay, and then prompts advisors and agents to connect with customers across social channels, website, mobile texting, and calling, in a seamless, integrated and compliant manner.

Increase lead conversion

Immediate lead follow-up on a 1:1 channel has been shown to increase conversion by as much as 37%. Actions closes the feedback loop between corporate office and field teams, bringing a measurable, scalable process to lead conversion, so that firms can realize increased ROI from their investments in advertising and inbound lead generation campaigns.
Hearsay Actions feature

37% increase

in lead conversion

6.5% positive

response rate


avg. client response time
*Results from Hearsay Actions inbound lead follow up workflow.
Hearsay Actions feature

Help each agent or advisor act like your best one

Response times can make or break a business. From first to last interaction, Actions automates a personalized customer experience through triggered notifications that enable rapid response, and push notifications that prompt follow-up behaviors.
“Really the basic thing was how do we give the customer an electronic nudge. It really has started to work well...the advisors loved it and they really got on board because we did a lot of the work for them.”
Dennis Craig
Vice President, MGA & National Account Relationships, RBC Insurance

Deepen relationships and improve customer retention 

Tracking key moments in a customer’s life cycle is critical for reducing churn, identifying upsell opportunities, increasing conversions, and uncovering unrealized value. Actions identifies these customer events—like a change of address, income increase, or missed billing cycle—to automate personal outreach. Combined with push notifications that coach optimal follow-up behaviors, Actions can dramatically improve conversion rates, expand share of wallet and improve retention. 
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6x increase

in client response rate vs. mail

1 in 5

conversion rate across target clients

38 minutes

average response rate vs. days for mail
*Results from Hearsay Actions insurance upsell workflow compared against mail.
Hearsay Actions feature

Unprecedented insights and collaboration with your field

In today’s data-driven age, corporate teams and field advisors must collaborate more closely than ever before. By leveraging lead disposition insights, Actions signals the best-performing message and optimal cadence for each lead, in order to surface a clear line of sight to help coach reps. Collaboration between corporate and the field will never be the same.
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