2021 Financial Services Social Selling Content Study

Read key insights about how financial professionals use social media in our 4th annual Content Study
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Hearsay’s 2021 Social Selling Content Study aggregates and analyzes data from over 100 leading global financial services firms and their cumulative 200,000 advisors and agents who used the Hearsay platform during the calendar year 2020. In total, the study analyzed 3 million texts, and more than 12.3 million published social media posts, which garnered in excess of 4.8 million engagements across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Key findings include:

Breaking through the digital noise was of the essence
In the early months of COVID-19, the volume of and engagement with social media posts spiked. But May saw a prolonged decrease in engagement rates, as people tuned out in the face of increased competition for attention. Savvy advisors and agents embraced a strategic, bespoke approach to leveraging social media to prospect, garner new business, speed responses, and deliver service that delighted.

We’re well into the next phase of content strategy
In 2020, organizations focused on delivery and execution of the right media across the right channels. We saw a growing willingness for advisors to publish more authentic, personalized posts, with a 6% increase in original content and a 14% increase in modified suggested content. Firms aligned social selling strategies to specific business outcomes to track effectiveness of their personalized storytelling efforts.

Purpose-driven brands are igniting authentic engagement
Consumers demanded that brands demonstrate good corporate citizenship, and across the board, content that focused on diversity & inclusion, women, and sustainability inspired significantly more engagement.

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