Hearsay's 2021 Finserv Compliance Benchmark Report

Read key findings on digital communications practices and priorities in 2021
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Our 2021 Finserv Compliance Survey revealed insights on digital communications practices and priorities, and uncovers how compliance teams are dealing with the challenges presented by the increasing volume and complexity of these communications.

Key survey findings include:

  • Social media is no longer viewed as a significant compliance risk, but it is a reputational one.
  • Texting is considered the greatest compliance risk.
  • Compliance teams are stretched too thin to fully monitor content on their own, yet few have adopted sufficient technology solutions to ease this burden.
  • Social channels that offer “show not tell” functionality are increasingly in demand due to their ability to cut through the noise.
  • Sharing endorsements and testimonials via social media is expected to rise in the next year.

Read the full report to benchmark your operations and better inform your 2022 planning.


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