Vetting digital communication channels

A how-to guide that explains how to identify the right digital communication channels for your firm.
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Providing secure, compliant access to digital communication channels can be immensely valuable to firms, but effective execution requires a thoughtful, targeted, scalable approach.

Why is this process important?

  • Widespread adoption of digital communication channels—whether usage is known to a firm or not— poses significant potential regulatory risk and reputational harm
  • Heightened regulatory scrutiny and increasing fines put additional pressure on already strained compliance teams
  • Firms must develop policies and procedures for any new supported channel, resulting in substantial overhead cost
  • Compliant solutions and ongoing supervisory processes aren’t enough. Regulators also evaluate the effectiveness of the firm’s deployment and education efforts

Download our guide to take the guesswork out of vetting digital communication channels and take a step toward empowering your field team today.


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