Advisor Spotlight: How Hearsay helped this UBS digital rockstar create a social media playbook

Advisor Spotlight: How Hearsay helped this UBS digital rockstar create a social media playbook

For busy advisors and fund managers strapped for time, developing and maintaining a steady social media presence can easily fall through the cracks. When used effectively, social media can be an amazing tool to nurture current and prospective clients. Alessandra Calabretta, Director of ETF & Index Fund Sales at UBS, has grown her own social media audience over the past few years, with Hearsay Social as her guide.

When Alessandra first got started with the UBS Digital Rockstar program in November of 2019, she had just over 1,000 followers on her social media properties. Now, almost two years later, her audience is almost four times that number. Alessandra graciously shared how she found success on social media with the help of Hearsay.

Setting up your social profiles

“There are advantages for everybody and it’s not that hard. I would recommend it for everybody that is involved with clients.”

Alessandra encourages anyone who interacts with clients to use social media to their advantage. Simply setting up a profile— adding a professional photo, and including their company’s logo on the page—can go a long way in client interactions. Once these pages are established, it’s easy to connect Hearsay Social to not only publish content from the content library, but to also pull in metrics that track your success.

Using what’s there

“The content is there. The only thing you need to do is share the content. You choose a date, you post it, and that’s it.”

With guidance from her home office at UBS, Alessandra was quickly able to get set up on Hearsay. With an established social media presence already in place, she used Hearsay to add content provided by UBS that was most relevant to her clientele to her channels. UBS also provided hashtags along with the content so the entire process of choosing what to share with her audience was seamless.

Adding a personal touch

“People appreciate it very much if you put something that has a personal touch to your page.”

For Alessandra, Hearsay was a fundamental tool in the early stages of developing her LinkedIn strategy, but these days she is comfortable adding a personal touch. She often mixes her own content in with the compliant, pre-approved posts suggested by UBS to the Hearsay platform. For example, as a spokesperson for UBS, she often shares her interviews with her followers. Over the years, she has learned what her audience likes to interact with, noting they enjoy videos, images, and even emojis.

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Sydni Green
As Hearsay’s Social Media Marketing Manager, Sydni oversees organic and paid social media strategy to ensure an engaging, insightful, and positive experience for Hearsay's followers. With an educational background in creative writing and film studies, Sydni enjoys a good story, and is always happy to give a movie or book recommendation.

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