Congratulations to our 2023 Hearsay Innovator Award winners!

Congratulations to our 2023 Hearsay Innovator Award winners!
Our 2022 Innovator Awards celebrate clients who leveraged Hearsay to accomplish great things within their organizations. Read on to learn more about these financial services all-stars!

Most Innovative Compliance Strategy

Sam Coble and Dominic Wingbermuehle, American National Insurance

Sam and Dominic led a successful hierarchy refresh project—mitigating compliance risk by working with our professional services team to completely restructure their field agent groupings. They’ve proactively adopted Hearsay content strategy recommendations and consistently take advantage of training and education opportunities. It’s no surprise that they’re driving better engagement as a result!

Movers and Shakers

Josh Feyen and Zach Adler, American Family Insurance

The American Family Insurance team had two true innovators at the helm in 2022. Zach spearheaded an Actions pilot program, which drove measurable business value by bringing in more leads. At the same time, Josh focused on continually optimizing the firm’s Hearsay programs. Last year, he worked closely with our content team to dramatically improve his team’s marketing strategy—resulting in higher engagement rates, an increase in modified content creation, and a significant boost in ROI!

Movers and Shakers

Cindy Lee, RBC

Cindy has played an integral role in shaping the evolution of the RBC’s Hearsay program, which includes Social and Sites. She demonstrated her dedication to improving the employee experience by creating an internal ‘social media for business onboarding’ site, which not only boosted program adoption, but also accelerates onboarding. The centralized site, which houses internal policies and guiding principles, acts as a support hub for advisors.

Cindy and her team also partnered with Hearsay’s training and education team to create a comprehensive training resource for her advisors. This resource provides helpful tips, activities, and best practices designed to increase social media proficiency. By encouraging advisors to share feedback, content inquiries, and ideas with her team of content managers, she ensures all voices within her organizations are heard.

Exceptional ROI for Social

Keith Kolar, CIBC

Keith has been instrumental in empowering CIBC advisors to build a robust, compliant digital presence with the help of the Hearsay platform. As a result of his efforts, CIBC surpassed all of its 2022 engagement and content goals. Advisors using Hearsay at CBIC consistently have 90%+ month-over-month usage rates. The platform has captured the attention of advisors in other lines of business within the organization, creating internal demand for access.

Keith is also leading a LinkedIn Sales Navigator pilot, which uses social signals to deepen client relationships. He’s eager to explore deeper content offerings and is actively helping advisors use video marketing and multiple social channels to expand their social footprint.

Exceptional ROI for Sites

Christophe Garcia, Abeille Assurances

Christophe led a complete agent website rebrand and redesign at Abeille Assurances, a process that required a domain name change and full relaunch on Hearsay’s new Sites platform. The team’s beautiful new Sites showcase unique imagery and content designed to appeal to local clientele. Post-launch, Christophe works with his team to develop and launch special offers on their websites, which are cross-promoted on Social. These efforts build backlinks to boost SEO and help convert site visitors into leads. With Christophe leading the charge, site traffic remained steady, and conversion rates went up!

Exceptional ROI for Relate

Kiersten Stamn, Kari Kopischke, Susan McCarthy, Ameriprise Financial

Since launching with Relate, Kiersten, Kari, and Susan have consistently added new advisor groups and hierarchies to their texting program, growing it by over 3,500%. Thanks to their dedication to driving program adoption, advisors are enjoying time-saving, fast-response texting tools. With automation workflows and smart lexicon frameworks in place, the firm’s compliance team has also reduced the amount of time spent on message supervision. This innovative trio is on a mission to empower Ameriprise advisors to build a safe, strong digital marketing presence, and they’re doing a phenomenal job.

Excellence in Digital Communications Transformation

Caitlin Flood, Taylor Alston, and Quiana Rivers, JPMorgan Chase

The JPMorgan Chase wealth management team embarked on a digital transformation journey in 2022. Their goal was to increase social activity and engagement by making Hearsay Social mandatory for all advisors. Caitlin, Taylor, and Quiana used strong leadership, effective change management skills, and company core value alignment to create an environment that ensures their advisors are compliant and supported as they implement successful social selling strategies. Collectively, they made great progress toward their goals last year and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon!

Excellence in Digital Communications Transformation


The Truist team built a tiered training program that correlates user maturity to business value. By tracking the number of new clients, referrals, and asset growth generated by each team member’s social selling efforts, they were able to pinpoint what top performers were doing to be successful and provide tailored coaching to those who needed help to become top performers. Great work to the Truist marketing and compliance teams!

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations this year, and congratulations to all of our award winners! With all that you’ve accomplished this year, we can’t wait to see what you’ll tackle in the year ahead!

Brittany Nevares
As Hearsay’s Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Brittany Nevares helps convert customers into raving fans through powerful testimonials and case studies. In her spare time, you’ll find her chasing a very active toddler, and spending time with her family outdoors.

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