Four video tips you can borrow from TikTok (without being on it)

Four video tips you can borrow from TikTok (without being on it)

Whether you live on social media or have never posted on a single platform, chances are you’ve heard of TikTok. With a user base of over a billion people, TikTok is betting on video as the most engaging form of content. Why?

Everyone can be a video content creator.

When social media first entered our collective consciousness, written word posts were the gold standard. Today, things have changed. 

Popular social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, started supporting video content long ago—but it’s never been the go-to for most users. In fact, creating compelling video content is often perceived as a barrier to entry. Camera-shy users may feel they require a video team, studio lighting, and editing tools to create polished productions.

Things changed when TikTok burst onto the scene, providing millions of moments of realness. The popularity of short, authentic videos transformed a simple camera phone into a gateway for the masses to create video content that can forge powerful relationships. Now, TikTok is driving users at every social skill level to publish video content in a way no platform has done before.

TikTok-inspired tips to help you get started with video content

#1: Prioritize ‘published’ over ‘perfection’

With the meteoric rise of TikTok, “real” video has become the norm. People film themselves sitting in their car, hanging out at their desk, or walking through their neighborhood. Some really interesting things changed due to this shift away from produced content. Sharing imperfect video sans filters and scripts helps people get to know the real you. Now, former internet strangers can see your body language, get a feel for your personality, and decide whether they think you’d be friends in real life. Or for those of you who are socially savvy, IRL.

So what kind of video content should you post? Thanks to the rise of different video platforms, there are more ways than ever to capture moments in time and share them with the world. You could film a 45-second clip explaining how to decide how much life insurance you need. Or, take a short video as you participate in a local community event. The beauty is sharing authentic life moments accelerates your relationship-building efforts with prospects and clients—and those moments don’t have to be perfect.

#2: Don’t focus on going viral

Contrary to popular belief, good video doesn’t mean viral. In fact, trying to “make” your posts go viral can backfire. Sure, it’s fun to participate in the current social craze—but forcing out content that’s not in your niche just so you can ride the latest wave will only make your content drown.

But what if one of your videos does go viral? Well, awesome! The challenge is, if you gain followers because an off-brand video went viral, you’ll lose them just as quickly when they see that your regular content is nothing like that viral post. 

So if going viral isn’t the right approach, how do you become successful with video? Simple. Be consistent. Why? Consistent posts help you develop an authentic brand while allowing you to A/B test content, which helps you identify what is (and isn’t) working.

The truth is, your voice doesn’t need to be ‘viral’ to be heard. Consistently posting videos that are authentic to who you are as a person helps you organically attract the type of viewers your videos resonate with. And ultimately, that’s exactly what you want. And on that note…

#3: Always be authentic

Real. Authentic. Personable. That’s what people want to see. So what does that look like?

Real people forget what they’re going to say. Real people stumble over words. Real people ramble before reigning themselves back in. While it’s helpful to outline what you want to say, the more you imagine yourself just talking to a friend, the better off you’ll be. And you don’t need a script when you’re talking to a friend.

TikTok’s popularity has made this point abundantly clear. We respond to TikTok videos because they create a 1:1 dynamic. Viewers feel like you are talking directly to them, and unproduced content makes you seem approachable. 

#4: Talk about things you like

Want to know a quick way to get a feel for someone’s real personality? Ask them to talk about something they’re passionate about. 

This works for video content creation, too! If you want to quickly connect with your audience, talk about things you love. You know, things you can give a mini TED talk on at a moment’s notice. And don’t get caught up on the ‘video’ part. 

If you need help getting started, film yourself reading a blog post you wrote to provide your audience with a different content experience. Bring your words to life by letting people hear the tone of your voice and see your facial expressions. This matters a lot, according to experts, who say communication is 70% body language. 

The bottom line is—if you have a phone and a social media account, you have everything you need to be a video content creator. I encourage you to embrace the trend, outshine competitors, and watch as your relationships with prospects and clients flourish.

Erica Spelman
As Hearsay's Social & Content Strategy Manager, Erica provides content performance analysis to client programs and manages Hearsay's 3rd-party content offerings. When she's not diving into data, you can find her traveling, watching Marvel movies, and playing with her two dogs.

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