Launching now: your Sites digital footprint

Launching now: your Sites digital footprint

A sleek, well-designed modern website serves as an effective home base for a personal brand. And for agents and advisors today, a strong personal brand is the competitive advantage that creates and grows business. What we’ve heard from agents and advisors is that they need websites that are beautifully aligned with their corporate brand, yet flexible enough to be personalized to meet the needs and values of their customers and prospects. It goes without saying that sites also need to be mobile-optimized, SEO-friendly and lightning fast. 

Hearsay addresses all these essentials in our Sites product, which is further backed by our industry-leading approach to mitigating compliance risk through our streamlined supervision dashboard. All this functionality is executed at scale—to support hundreds and even thousands of websites for our customers’ field teams.

Recently, we partnered with our long-time customer Aviva France, to relaunch hundreds of insurance agent sites in concert with the rollout of their new brand, Abeille Assurances. 

Hearsay worked closely with Abeille’s digital team, as the sites were redesigned from the ground up. A fresh new design, and all new branding, imagery, illustrations and content had to be built and rolled out to over 800 agent websites. Because these sites were some of the first digital properties to roll out with the new Abeille brand, the ability for Hearsay to showcase the brand with pixel-perfect execution and SEO best practices (including load times of less than 3 seconds) was especially critical.

I’m proud to share that the relaunch of Abeille’s Hearsay sites has been a complete success! Marie Jouvin, Abeille's Head of Customer Knowledge and Experience noted, "We had exacting requirements for SEO and design for our Sites implementation. Our fluid collaboration with Hearsay paved the way for an on-time, on-budget launch—all in line with our rebranding efforts. The positive feedback we’ve heard from our agents thus far has validated our decision to work with Hearsay!"

Abeille’s agents are thrilled with their new websites, which enable them to:

  • Showcase unique imagery and content that appeals to their local clientele, increasing impact in their local market
  • Publicize events, seminars and thought leadership to demonstrate their expertise and unique values
  • Share special offers that help convert visitors to leads
  • Collect leads that flow directly into their Hearsay workspace for rapid follow-up
  • Cross-post from Hearsay Social, expanding the reach of their social activity and increasing SEO value with backlinks
Hearsay Sites empowers Abeille's agents to highlight their brand’s unique expertise and solutions.

Customers that leverage Hearsay for not only Sites, but for Social and Relate as well, immediately realize the added benefits of a cohesive customer journey powered by a unified platform. As mentioned in the last bullet, Abeille’s agents can automatically post content to their website and social networks from one easy-to-use dashboard, taking advantage of existing program hierarchies and workflows already in place with Social to optimize reach.

For Sites customers that use our Relate compliant texting solution, information from completed website lead forms can be ingested into CRM or lead management systems, and/or routed for immediate SMS response, so that advisors and agents can proactively engage with interested prospects.

The ability to seamlessly integrate content and service capabilities into Hearsay Sites opens up exciting efficiencies in the customer journey for financial services professionals.

If your financial professionals are ready to expand their digital footprint and convert their website into a home base for their personal brand, I’d love to talk to you about how Hearsay Sites can help.

Christine Meginness
As Hearsay’s VP of Sites, Christine supports our customers in optimizing their website programs, making sure they’re getting the most out of Hearsay Sites. When she’s not looking at websites, she’s likely catching the latest film, or trying a buzzy new restaurant while she plans her next travel adventure.

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Interested in reading more?