Q&A: Improved navigation experience

Q&A: Improved navigation experience

On May 15, 2023, Hearsay will launch a redesigned user-centered navigation for all users.

In anticipation of the launch, we sat down with Erin McKeeby, Strategic UX Researcher on Hearsay’s product design team, to talk about why we’re making this global change and what positive impact we expect it to have for our customers. 

Let’s dig in!

Q: Erin, can you tell us what’s changing?

Yes! The entire look and feel of Hearsay’s navigation experience will be updated. The goal is twofold. First, we want to streamline the user experience to maximize efficiency. Second, we want to update our platform by making changes that incorporate modern design elements. 

Q: How did you decide which design elements to prioritize when building out the new experience?

The design we’re retiring splits out tabs based on product. What we’ve found is while that setup makes sense for our internal folks, it’s not a seamless experience for agents and advisors who are using the platform to execute daily workflows.

Our new design makes it easy and intuitive for users to achieve desired outcomes and get stuff done in a more logical, efficient way. Our north star in developing the new UX was to study work patterns and house logical processes in the same place to reduce needless clicking to get to related tasks. 

Q: What kinds of improvements do you expect the new navigation to provide?

Our primary focus in designing the new UX was to dramatically improve platform usability. The enhancements we’ve made are based on direct feedback from our customers around usability, in combination with our own data. 

By modernizing our design, we’re also future-proofing the platform—making it more agile, responsive, and able to accommodate future enhancements.

The goal in making these changes is to make navigating the platform more intuitive so users can find what they need faster and can complete tasks more efficiently than before. 
Q: Did you do any pre-launch testing?

Yes! We did extensive pre-launch testing, which helped us identify additional areas for improvement. I’m excited to share that in our testing; users were able to complete important tasks 2x faster using the new navigation system. We’re very confident that this redesign will be a positive change for our customers!

Huge thanks to Erin for taking the time to talk us through how and why we developed a new navigation experience. 

Here's a look at how it works

Have questions about the improved navigation experience? Please contact your Customer Success Manager. They'll provide you with resources and support tools specific to your account to help drive team adoption.

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