Say hello to our refreshed brand!

Say hello to our refreshed brand!

After 12 years, Hearsay is getting a new look!

Our new look is simplified, yet familiar—reflecting our dedication to delivering modern, authentic, and trustworthy software and services.

Why the change?

Since our founding in 2009, Hearsay has embraced kaizen (Japanese for continuous improvement) as a core company value. Whether it’s working to improve ourselves or our teammates, we push one another daily to streamline work, improve processes and just be better.

When it came to our brand, we took this to heart as we entered our next stage of growth. The past 18 months reshaped us as individuals, teams, and businesses. For Hearsay, it inspired a return to the basics, and a reinforcement of our brand essence in a way that reflected our reason for being—empowering advisors and agents to authentically and intelligently engage with customers to build and grow relationships.

What doesn’t change

Financial services has been—and continues to be—core to everything we do. Over the next decade, the industry will be transformed by authentic engagement at scale; the pandemic has borne this out. 

To reflect the 1:1 nature of this shift, we sought to modernize our brand while staying true to who we are. So while you’ll still see the same Hearsay logo, it’s no longer accompanied by the talk bubble or the word “Systems.” We are simply Hearsay, the authentic and trusted partner of choice for financial services.

As part of this new chapter of growth, we are nearly doubling our R&D investment this year, expanding professional services and customer success capabilities, and doubling down on our partnerships with key players like Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Over the next year, you’ll see our new look when you visit us online, use our platform, or join us at an event. 

Thank you for being a part of Hearsay during this exciting time.

Mike Boese
Mike Boese is CEO of Hearsay. He has 25 years of software leadership experience, with both start-ups and leaders such as Taleo, PeopleSoft and Oracle. To relax, he enjoys playing golf (badly), hiking the Marin Headlands, and working in the garden.

Interested in reading more?

Interested in reading more?